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Our collectors tell us that English Ladies figurines are the best in the world, and more people are starting to share that opinion. Made from the finest quality bone china, the figurine-making process involves the meticulous crafting of up to 14 separate parts, before they’re individually assembled.

Unique, highly-detailed figurines

Designed in Stoke-on-Trent, England, the heart of the Potteries, every figurine is brought to life by a team of renowned artists, modellers and sculptors. Our master painter, Dan Smith, trained with Royal Doulton on Nile Street to become a Prestige Painter, working with sculptors such as Alan Maslankowski and Peggy Davies to create some of Royal Doulton’s most famous pieces.

We often work with modeller Valerie Annand, an amazing artist equally adept at producing 2D artworks and at 3D sculptures. She is famous amongst lovers of collectibles for her ability to capture incredible movement in bone china figures, such as in her pieces for Royal Doulton, Coalport, Royal Worecester, and Compton & Woodhouse under their Royal Staffordshire brand.

We’ve also teamed up with TV’s Thelma Madine, star of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and dressmaker to the travellers, to design a new collection of china figurines true to her trademark style. Gypsy Wedding Dreams, her first limited edition figures, are selling fast, so collect yours today.

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